Baby Gift Baskets Make a Great Gift for Any Baby near Charleston, WV

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Gifts

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A baby gift basket makes a great gift no matter who is having the baby. It may be a sister, cousin, niece, aunt, sister-in-law or godchild. There are few gifts that are appropriate for so many different people, so it can be a big relief when gift giving is made so simple. When a baby is born, it’s time to celebrate a new life and giving a basket filled with baby items is the perfect way to share in the happiness a baby brings to family and friends.

Have you ever noticed that people almost always buy multiple gifts for babies? Even when guests show up with one gift wrapped package at a baby shower, the box will be filled with several items. The gifts include diapers, baby clothes, baby books, rattles, toys, baby plates and bibs. People mix and match these items for one good reason: It’s fun to shop for babies and too hard to resist buying several baby clothes or supplies.

So Cute!

Who buys one gift for a baby that is loved? Who can resist the cute onesies, soft baby blankets and adorable stuffed toys? You can almost hear people telling themselves as they shop that everything is so cute, they simply must buy more than one item. Since people always seem to want to give multiple gifts, baby gift baskets make perfect sense.

A basket can be filled with as many baby gifts as desired. You can buy a basket that has bibs, a hat, socks, onesies and a stuffed toy. There are baskets with baby blankets, baby board books and personalized clothing. You can buy a baby gift basket filled with toys, knit bodysuit, bibs and rattle. In other words, you can give as many gifts as you want, all neatly contained in a useful basket.

Another idea for baby gift baskets is to develop a theme. For example, a bath time basket can have a bath toy, baby towel and wash cloth, soap, shampoo and onesies. A playtime basket can be filled with toys and only toys. A sleepy time basket could contain a stuffed toy with a sound box that plays lullabies, a warm blanket and diapers.

Fill a Diaper Bag

You can even make a baby basket using a diaper bag instead of a basket. A Petunia Pickle Bottom luxury diaper bag can be filled with the items mom and dad are ready to take the baby visiting. A diaper bag ready to go contains bottles, diapers, a plush toy, teething ring and washcloth. The diaper bag and the gifts stored inside will be greatly appreciated.

No matter who is having a baby, you simply can’t go wrong giving a baby gift basket. In fact, you can fill the basket with items for the newborn and then tuck in some chocolates for mom or a gift for the baby’s siblings. In that way, the gift basket sends a message of happiness to the whole family.

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