Enjoy Authentic and Convention-Friendly Samurai and Ninja Swords

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Shopping

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For cultures all around the world, swords have long stood as one of the defining symbols of power, maturity, and heroism. Nowhere is this truer than in Japan. In the same way that Europe and its knights dominate the Western imagination and conception of the Medieval Europe, so, too, do the ninjas and samurais of Feudal Japan dominate our perception of Feudal Japan. This self-image that Japan created for itself spread to the West, and it continues to shape the way we view Japanese history today. Filmmakers like Kurosawa and modern anime are two of Japan’s most powerful and pervasive cultural exports over the past half century – and both make extensive use of that period and those swords.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that there’s a huge market for samurai and ninja swords.

Still, the question remains – which blade is right for you?

More Realistic Swords

There is a fundamental split within the sword enthusiast community between those who err on the side of historical authenticity and those more interested in cosplay, display, and recreational uses.

If you fall into the former camp, you’ll be pleased to know that the best sites for ninja swords online are replete with historically accurate recreations. These sites make use of actual Feudal Japan sword-making techniques to recreate katanas and other ninja and samurai swords with the utmost attention to detail.

Film and Anime-Inspired Swords

On the other hand, maybe you’re looking for a sword that’s more affordable and convention-friendly. After all, while you might care about authenticity in recreating your favorite character’s costume, sword and all, you can’t very well take a real-life sword into Comic Con. Thankfully, the best providers of quality samurai and ninja swords online offer film and anime-inspired swords that are more fan-friendly, while still retaining much of that aforementioned authenticity.

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