Benefits of Using Terracotta Planters

by | Jul 4, 2018 | Pottery Store

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When you choose a planter for your houseplants, you have a few options. You can keep them in plastic containers, detailed glass or metal planters or you can go a more traditional route. Terracotta planters are a specific type of clay planter that has been around for centuries. What benefits does clay have to offer plant life and how you take care of them? If you are stumped as to which type of planter to select, here are the benefits of choosing terracotta.


One thing that separates quality Italian clay from other rock-like surfaces is it absorbs water a lot more than other hard surfaces. Therefore, if you’re new at caring for plants and are worried about over-watering, terracotta pots are a must. The clay surface absorbs any excess water that escapes the roots and dirt in the pot, ensuring the right amount of water is fed into the plants. This is a godsend for an amateur plant owner because overwatering is one of the main causes of domestic plant death among new owners. If you have trouble knowing whether you’re giving your plants the right amount of water or drowning them, a terracotta pot is a great tool.

Root Protection

It is paramount that the roots of the plant remain healthy and safe. Leaves and petals will grow back with time, but only if the roots are well taken care of. For this reason, you want to choose a quality pot material that protects the delicate roots from the elements. Clay remains popular because of its durability when faced with the cruel elements of nature as it protects the roots inside from the intense heat of summer and bitter cold of winter. While some plants still need to come inside during particularly harsh weather conditions; your terracotta pots often provide root protection.

Clay Breathes

Ask anyone who owns a terracotta planter or two and they’ll tell you the reason they chose this material is for its ability to breathe. This means its porous nature allows the right amount of air to move in and out. Oxygen is equally vital to a plant as water so a planter that properly breathes is important. Breathing also allows moisture to evaporate and cool the roots, which is difficult to do with other planters unless you plant them in the ground.

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