Buying Diamond Rings in Dallas

by | Oct 30, 2012 | Jewelry

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Purchasing quality rings in Dallas is not a difficult task, though if done correctly it could take some time and require some effort on your part, especially if you are unfamiliar with the process. Young men, for instance, who want to surprise a female love interest with a beautiful diamond ring for Valentine’s Day, her birthday, Christmas or an anniversary, should be aware that while the carat is going to determine most of the diamond’s value other factors should be considered as well.

Many women (and men) are mesmerized and impressed by a large diamond, but if the diamond is not cut well it will not reflect light easily, and so the brilliant interior flame that can make diamonds seem like small suns is lost. A diamond dealer who sells rings in Dallas may talk to you about the diamond’s clarity, which is an important determinant in terms of value (the less inclusions or marks inside of a diamond, the greater its value) but it is important to not be misled into thinking that clarity equals brilliance. A diamond can have great clarity but be poorly cut, and therefore not reflect or refract light well.

Obviously, if you want a diamond that sparkles like a star in the palm of your hand as you consider purchasing rings in Dallas, you need to consider the cut. There are five general aspects to a diamond’s cut, including the table, crown, girdle, pavilion and cutlet.

When you look at a diamond, the table is the flat surface on the top. The crown is the area directly beneath the table comprising the top portion of the diamond (as distinct from the table). The girdle, accordingly, surrounds the girth of the stone, forming its exterior edge where the crown and the pavilion connect. The pavilion is the bottom portion of the diamond, which forms a bridge between the girdle and cutlet. The cutlet is that pointed portion at the very bottom of the stone.

Knowing the basic parts of a diamond should give you a better handle on discussing stones with proprietors when purchasing rings in Dallas. The factor that produces a diamond’s ability to be scintillating, that is, to reflect and refract light (which is its main aesthetic attraction) is the way in which these factors are cut and polished.

When buying diamond rings in Dallas it is a good idea to visit several quality jewelry stores and get a handle on what is available, as well as a handful of competitive quotes, before making a final decision.