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Why Not Just Any Lamp Will Do

Man has been fascinated with light since the dawn of creation. Fires were the source of light during those dark nights long ago. In time, man was able to craft rudimentary lamps that continue to transform a darkened environment into a warm and brighter place. Homeowners desiring to spruce up their homes for the new

A Landlord’s Guide to Electrical Safety

As a landlord you want to ensure you are taking every precaution to avoid harm to your tenants. Using due diligence to ensure appliances, electrical outlets and overall electrical systems are functioning properly will help keep tenants safe. Here are some guidelines to assist you in keeping your tenants safe from electrical dangers and protect

What are Premium Electronic Cigarettes?

The latest buzz word in the smoking world has been premium electronic cigarettes for the last five years or so. As nonsmoking laws continue to increase in each state, more consumers are looking for a way to enjoy nicotine without impacting those around them. Electronic cigarettes offer one such solution. The research surrounding these devices