Choosing the Right Restaurant Uniforms in Tampa

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Clothing

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If you are starting up a restaurant or making some major changes to the one you own, you may be thinking about uniforms for your employees. Naturally, you want to have the most attractive restaurant uniforms in Tampa. However, it can sometimes be difficult to choose just the right look, and it’s usually too expensive to make changes, once place your order. You need to make the right decision the first time, and here are some tips to help you.

Check Out Restaurant Ordinances

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the regulations set down by the United States Department of Labor. In some cases, restaurant uniforms in Tampa may be mandatory. In addition, there are certain laws, which must be followed if you employ minimum wage workers. For instance, you may be required by law to pay for the uniforms.

Consider Your Public Image

Patrons expect eating establishments to be clean, sanitary and spotless. Plus, they need to be well organized and professional in appearance at all times. You should have good-looking restaurant uniforms in Tampa, which leave a favorable impression on everyone who enters your place of business. In addition, your restaurant uniforms should reflect the type of cuisine you serve. If the food and atmosphere is casual, then casual apparel is fine. However, if you are running an upscale or high-class restaurant, only the best will do and this does not mean T-shirts and blue jeans.

Identify Your People

In the restaurant business, each person has a specific job. As a result, they should be easily identified by slightly different apparel. For example, your customers should not have to guess who the server, manager or bus boy is. They should be able to tell by the way they are dressed. Think about giving the managers different colored shirts and perhaps the bus boys can wear aprons. Servers can have a special insignia on their lapel.

Talk to Print Shop Professionals

If you are not sure what kind of apparel to order, talk to a uniform and T-shirt print shop. They will be more than happy to show you all their selections and advise you on the best type of fabric, colors, and print methods for your needs. Your print professionals are there to serve your business. When you choose a company who has been serving the area for decades, you are sure to get some of the best restaurant uniforms Tampa Bay has to offer.