Do You Know Where Your Tragus Is & Would You Have It Pierced For Jewelry?

by | Dec 22, 2015 | Jewelry

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For sure, there are stores selling Jewelry For Tragus Piercing; but that does not really explain what is going on. Obviously, there is an element of trade jargon and trendy word usage here; obviously, the piercing has to come first and then jewelry can be purchased that fits into the pierced hole in someone’s flesh. But, in what part of the human anatomy do you find the tragus?

Actually, You Have Two Of Them

To many people, they are simply called our ears; but, medically speaking, our ears are divided up into component parts. The part that we call the ear lobe is well known to just about everyone; while the lesser known tragus is across the hole and slightly higher up. Generally speaking; the tragus is the lower part of our ears that is fully attached to our heads.

There are some 13 named anatomical parts on the portion of our ears that is visible outside our heads. Several of these parts can be safely pierced to accommodate both earrings and other items of body jewelry.

Not Only The Ear Lobes

Traditionally, earrings are attached to the lobes of the wearer’s ears. This is mainly because most early earrings were designed to clamp on to that thicker fleshier part of the human ear. When ear piercing became both popular and acceptable, it was only natural to place them in the same place and people had their ear lobes pierced.

Why Stop At Only One Piece Of Ear Jewelry?

In recent years, Western societies have seen a growing popularity in having other parts of the human body pierced so as to accommodate jewelry. Against such a background it was hardly surprising that people no longer saw the need to restrict themselves to only one ring in an ear at a time. Double and then multiple earrings became trendy and fashionable. However, there is only a limited amount of space on an ear lobe; therefore, other parts of the ear – such as the tragus – began to be pierced to accommodate ear jewelry. It is thought that tragus piercing became popular sometime around 2005.

What Type Of Jewelry Suits a Pierced Tragus?

For most people the tragus is not very large so smaller styles are most commonly associated with jewelry for tragus piercing. Big hoops would have nowhere to hang but small rings can just about fit into the available space. However, probably the most popular tragus jewelry is in the form of studs – usually with a barbell type fixing.

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