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by | Dec 31, 2013 | Shopping

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What Is A Cigarillo?

The word is Spanish in origin with roots probably going back to the Mayans. In the US, a cigarillo uses the literal meaning of the Spanish – i.e. “little cigar”. This is not to be confused with the current tobacco marketing term “little cigar”.

A cigarillo should be very much a miniature copy of its original “big brother” cigar; it should contain about 0.1 ounces of dried, fermented tobacco; ideally, wrapped in tobacco leaf although some cigarillos may be wrapped in a special paper produced from brown tobacco leaves. Whereas traditional cigars are closed at one end and require cutting or notching before being lit for smoking, a cigarillo is usually “open” at both ends and ready to smoke.


A typical cigarillo is normally between 4 to 5 inches long with a diameter of round about ¾ of an inch. Cigarettes can be similar in size but only contain around 0.04ounces of tobacco, wrapped in paper and normally complete with a filter. Full size cigars can be over 9 inches long and vary from a little over ½ inch to just under 1 inch in diameter.


Traditional cigars were a handmade product which, while giving them an air of exclusivity, makes them costly to produce in modern wage level times. Like cigarettes, cigarillos can be machine made in large quantities to reduce individual unit cost.


A cigarillo is designed to be smoked in under 7minutes and; since many people who smoke them consume about the same number per day as cigarette smokers, they tend to be supplied in packets – rather than individually. As a result, special storage methods (like humidors for cigars) are not required. The smoker simply slips the packet into their purse or pocket as the case may be.


Along with many small businesses, the days of a cigar store on many a street corner (with or without the wooden Indian) are long gone. Supermarkets, chain and franchise stores may or may not sell tobacco products but, for sure, they will definitely not have the full and often specialized selection that was always available from the old fashioned tobacconists or cigar store.

Because choosing a cigarillo is all about flavor, those who regularly smoke them will have definite ideas about which brand they wish to smoke and may even refuse all substitutes. However, it is becoming harder for them to find a handy store nearby that does carry their brand. To be able to Order Cigarillos Online not only ensures the supply of their favourite brand but also means that they can keep enough packets at home so as to avoid running out just as they want another smoke.