Watch Baby Grow and Give the Right Baby Gifts Along the Way

by | Dec 30, 2013 | Gifts

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Baby gifts are not just for babies. They are for babies who grow into toddlers who grow into adorable little kids. Along the way to reaching the height of 5 feet, you can start the gift giving that will last through the years with a growth chart. Mom and dad can mark their son or daughter’s progress on the chart and have a memento of the years that seem to fly by so quickly.

As children grow, there are moments of celebration. Those celebrations call for baby gifts that reflect a child’s time of life. Actually, the celebrations start even before the child is born when you are invited to a baby shower. That’s when you can give almost any type of baby gift, like a baby gift basket or personalized baby gift, and it will be appreciated. Mom needs…well…just about everything!

Watching Baby Grow

After the baby arrives, the real fun of giving baby gifts begins. From the first day of life to twelve months, the baby is going to sleep a lot while growing as much as a quarter inch each week. Ideal baby gifts include baby blankets and quilts, onesies and one-piece outfits. Keeping the newborn warm is important, and a baby can’t have too many clothes.

As baby grows, the busy one year old is ready to get his or her own sweatsuit, a personalized feeding set or a luxury embroidered robe. If you enjoy giving toys, it may be time for some blocks or a little red wagon filled with fun items. Let the child who is one to two years old have some fun exploring their world, and remind mom to mark the growth chart. Of course, you have to convince the rambunctious toddler to stand still long enough.

Baby’s First Car!

Now it is time for the three to four year old. This is a child who would enjoy a pedal car because it lets little bodies practice coordination and helps to build muscle strength. You can also give personalized baby gifts that the child will appreciate. It’s time for a name plate on the door or some artwork on the wall. The quilted wall hanging embroidered with a name is simply ideal as one of the baby gifts you give to young children.

The three to four year old room can also use a rocker, toy chest or table and chairs. If you personalize the baby gift, it becomes even more special as a gift and for the child who will be using it.

Capturing Moments in Time

It’s true that children will keep on growing even if you really want them to stay as infants or toddlers. The grow chart captures moments in time that will never be forgotten. How tall was the child on birthdays, holidays or special events? Along the way to getting tall, you can give baby gifts that match the development of the child. That makes mom, dad and baby happy!

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