Does Your Schedule Mean You Have To Work Out At Night?

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Shopping

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For those people that work during the day but still want to keep fit, it usually means they have to run before dawn or after dark, both of which can be very risky. It doesn’t have to be though if the runner exercises caution and takes a few simple steps to increase his or her visibility and eliminate the possibility of tripping over a hidden obstacle. The wise runner who runs before the sun comes up or after the sun sets will wear high visibility clothing, a lighted running hat and runs a route known to be quite safe.

One of the biggest hazards to running in the dark is not been seen by oncoming traffic; cars, bicycles, motorcycles and even others who are out running at the same time. Think safety; don’t even step out of the door unless you know that you will get back home in one piece. Stay well away from dark colors; wear a running T shirt and shorts that are white or even better, yellow or orange. Some running clothes are made with light reflecting strips, these are ideal as an oncoming vehicle has a far better chance of seeing you.

Light colored running clothes or running clothes made with reflective material is a great start, but there are other ways that you can enhance your safety even more. It is one thing for others to see you; it is quite something else for you to see objects or obstacles that can trip you up. Running vests or belts are great but they don’t add to your vision, what you need is a billed running hat with a built in light source. The bill will easily deflect such things as low, overhanging branches while the built in light will allow you to see obstacles in your path.

Even a runner that is outfitted to be seen and to see can still face potential hazards. Wise runners know that they not only have to see and be seen they also must use their sense of hearing. Running in the dark wearing headphones is not a good idea, if you are listening to music you can’t hear what is happening around you.

Running a safe route is also very important. There will always be a certain element of risk when you are out running; it is a good idea to stay in an area you are familiar with. Try to stay on a route that is lit by street lights and get accustomed to wearing a lighted running hat as well.

Running can be both healthy and enjoyable but if you must run before dawn or after dark then make sure you take precautions such as light colored clothing and a lighted running hat. You are invited to buy online at Panther Vision.