The Anatomy Of An Engagement Ring

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Jewelry

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You sure are lucky! It’s not every day that you decide to propose. At least that’s the most likely reason you are reading this. If you are researching custom engagement ring mountings, custom engagement rings or are just interested in the parts of an engagement ring, you are in the right place too. Engagement ring tradition goes all the way back to Ancient Rome, but more than likely, it’s a tradition you’ve seen in movies and heard stories about from your parents, friends and family members. For couples, how your spouse proposed is a story you tell over and over again. For this reason – and because they really want their spouse to say YES! – a lot of thought goes into how and where to propose as well as purchasing the ring. So if you’ve never thought about it or seen one, here’s the run down on rings.

The Make Up Of An Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring will generally have a head, center stone, prong, shoulder, bridge, side stone and hallmark or engraving. A side stone are the diamonds or stones that accompany the center stone. The prongs hold the stones over the bridge and the gallery is the space between the two. Accent stones are the smaller stones running down the side of the ring or shank.

Understanding all of this is not necessary for buying or even designing a ring, it is just important you familiarize yourself with the parts, so you know what you are looking for. Like most investments, a little research goes a long way in justifying the cost of the purchase/investment. Aside from the stone(s) you choose, engagement ring mountings are one of the most crucial elements of a ring you’ll decide on. Now, here is where it gets a tad confusing.

The Shank, The Gallery & The Mounting

The only confusing bit is that different jewelers will use different names for the same part of the ring. Generally, when a jeweler refers to the setting of ring, she is talking about the metal that the stone will rest in. This is also referred to as the ring’s mounting. However it’s referred to, what the stone rests in and how it’s presented to the world, is important. A great mounting can make a good diamond look great and conversely a poor mounting can take away from a great diamond. Again, you’ll not be tested on this. A good jeweler will walk you through all this and help you find what’s best for you and your spouse; it’s just nice to have some idea of what you’re looking for before you walk into the store.