Finding the right safety footwear

by | Mar 20, 2014 | Shopping

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Worker safety starts on the ground and works its way up, the best foundation for safety is the choice of work boots chosen. Many workers are fully aware that they need to wear safety gear but in some cases the worker will purchase sub-par boots, not realizing just how important the right pair of Hush Puppies steel toe shoesa are.

Safety shoes or boots are an absolute must, they protect the workers feet and toes from crush injuries as well as providing excellent traction and enhanced stability on a variety of surfaces often associated with construction and industry.

There are many possible choices when it comes to work boots. Technology is hard at work providing better safety and support with each new launch of shoe. Understanding the various features that manufacturers make available is the key to understanding which is the best boot for your particular needs. It is always a good idea to speak first with the foreman or safety officer on the job and see if there are any specific requirements for the job or project you are assigned to. Although seeking advice from others is helpful, do not select your boots on the spec worn by others, the only good boot is the boot that works best for you.

Many craftsmen in an industrial setting is exposed to hazards from falling objects so finding the right pair of Hush Puppies steel toe shoes is very important. The right toe is but part of the formula, the rest of the boot is equally important in ensuring you have the right shoe for the job. There are three types of toe protection, steel toes are one as are aluminum and composite guards. Steel toes are the traditional choice, although they may weigh a little more, they are also the most compact. Although your feet do not come into direct contact with the steel toe inserts, they can be a heat conductor and this should be taken into account. The worker looking for the non-transference of heat or cold can use composite materials but they are considerably thicker than steel which results in a bulkier shoe profile.

For additional safety, shoes can be complete with integral metatarsal guards which help protect the top of the foot as well as the toe area.

Hush Puppies steel toe shoes are the ultimate in safety and comfort. These shoes are ideal for the working professional as they reduce foot stress, putting a bounce in your step; shop for these shoes online at Michigan Industrial Shoe.