Reasons Why You May Not Understand Your Personal Prophecy

by | Mar 28, 2014 | Books

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When you request a personal prophecy, you want to make sure you understand it to the fullest extent. Some prophecies may be very clear to the user, such as how you are feeling or what you need to do to progress in life. Other prophecies however may not be as clear, leaving the user confused and lost when it comes to taking that next step in life. If you can’t understand your own prophecy at this present time, then it is likely that when the time is right, God will open his message and its true meaning will flow through your soul.

God Is Waiting For the Right Time

Often we receive prophecies that don’t make sense right away. You may feel as though they don’t apply to you at this present time, or you may feel as though they are written about someone you know as opposed to yourself. God doesn’t work this way. Everything he does is for a purpose, and your prophecy is for you and you alone. If you don’t understand your prophecy, then chances are there is an event waiting to happen which will clarify your prophecy. Think of it as preparation for something bigger to come.

Clarity Will Happen In The Future

Many people don’t realize their prophecy has been fulfilled until they look back on their life. It can be easy to lose track of time, so you may not realize that your prophecy has been fulfilled. Once you receive your prophecy, give it some time and look back upon Gods words. If the time is right, then your prophecy will have come true and this can be very strengthening to someone who has nowhere to turn.

It’s Not Something You Should Change, but Something You Should Cherish

Some prophecies don’t tell you what to do in life, but what to be aware of. For example, your prophecy may say that “you are burned out emotionally”. Although the Zoe Ministries prophecy doesn’t state a solution or future resolution to your problem, it can still benefit you. God wants you to know how you’re feeling, even if you don’t realize it yourself. By being aware of this, you can cherish this feeling, opening it to God and feeling an emotional change through his divine power.