Flowers Offer Messages of Love and Make Wonderful Gifts

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Gifts

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There are many occasions in a person’s life when they will need to buy gifts for one reason or another. Graduations, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, weddings and funerals are all events that flowers and other gifts are often purchased for. Flowers are popular gifts for these special occasions, because most people appreciate them as being romantic, fresh, beautiful, and pure. Giving flowers has been a way of saying “I love you” almost since the beginning of time, and they offer a way for people to express feelings of affection in a magical way. Most women absolutely love receiving flowers, whether they are from a significant other, or from a child who brings flowers on Mother’s Day. Contact a Local Florist Indianapolis for your flower gift related needs.

Choosing Flowers Based on the Occasion
Although you can order any flowers that you desire for any type of occasion, there are some flowers that people typically associate with certain types of occasions. If you want to give flowers to your mother on Mother’s Day, then you would probably choose something feminine in red, white, or pink such as carnations. These flowers symbolize a mother’s love, and they will let her know that you truly adore her. There are plenty of other options as well, so you should really find something that would suit her taste. Roses are a great option for Valentine’s Day, and they are incredibly romantic. Roses come in yellow, pink, white, black and red, although black roses are not usually given for Valentine’s Day. There is nothing set in stone that says you have to buy a certain flower for a certain event, so have fun with it and buy your loved one whatever you think they will enjoy the most.

How to Buy Birthday Flowers Using a Chart
If you are choosing birthday flowers, then you should go by guides that are given out that suggest what flowers should be given for what month. The chart works similar to how a birthstone chart would work. For instance, violets and primroses are best for February birthdays, marigold flowers are perfect for October birthdays, and poinsettias or holly should be given for a December birthday. Most florists will have a similar chart available, or you can research the information online to determine what flower might be best for the birthday you are buying it for. You are not required to use the chart, so if your loved one has a special flower that they like, then you can just ignore the chart and buy what you want. The chart is more of a fun thing to go by anyway; it is not necessarily the law of flowers.

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