Personalized Baby Gifts Overcome All

by | Feb 21, 2013 | Gifts

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You get an invitation in the mail to attend a baby shower for your friend that you love like a sister. The dilemma now starts because you want to give as perfect a gift as possible. Nothing less will do because she is your dear friend, and you will be a part of her life as a mother and the life of the newborn. Not just any ordinary gift will suffice because new moms get plenty of the typical shower gifts from others or will buy the everyday necessities herself. The answer to the dilemma is easy: Choose personalized baby gifts.

One of the most appreciated gifts you can give a new mother is a personalized gift. The personalization adds a new dimension to the gift, reflecting the giver’s desire to do something special for the newborn. Traditional shower gifts include clothes, infant toys and bibs. Imagine the mother’s delight when she sees that the clothes, toys and bibs are personalized with the baby’s name.

Carrying on a Tradition

Though many different items can be personalized, embroidered clothing has a couple of features other gifts may not. For example, clothing is completely practical. Unlike some toys that may never get played with, the clothing is sure to be used for one very good reason. That reason is: infants need five or more clothing changes a day.

Another popular feature of personalized baby clothes is that a myriad of items can be embroidered. These items of clothing include infant robes, roll neck sweaters, t-shirts, knit hats, bibs, and so on. This gives you the option of choosing one or more clothing items that can be mixed and matched, creating a wonderful and special baby shower gift. Personalized layette sets with their matching pieces are perfect shower gifts in every way.

Embroidering baby clothing is a long standing custom. When you look at antique baby clothing, even the plainest pieces are embroidered on the bodice or sleeves with a baby’s initials or family name. The infant clothing that is embroidered today is carrying on the tradition of dressing infants in clothing that is unique and reflects the special status of a new baby.

Soft to the Touch

Of course, the baby clothing today is quite practical. The clothes are 100 percent cotton and can be tossed into the washer and dryer. The material in the clothes is soft on a baby’s skin and soft to the mother’s touch. In other words, high quality infant clothing that is personalized with the baby’s name or initials pleases both mother and baby.

Of course, you can personalize much more than just clothing. There are silver spoons, baby furniture, baby jewelry, wall tiles and coat racks, to name just a few of the many great baby gifts. It is up to you to decide which personalized gift will mean the most to your friend who is soon to become a mom. Whatever you decide to give will be greatly appreciated many times over.