Got An Old Broken Down Recliner?

Almost everybody has an old broken down recliner that they like. The problem with keeping an old recliner is that it can cause you to start having unwanted pain. Surely a recliner that does not support you properly can lead to back pain. Recliners that are made today have excellent ergonomic qualities and can enhance any decor.

Finding Some of the Best Recliners for Your Home or Office

It is a known fact that if you are comfortable while working, you are able to concentrate more on your work and less on how uncomfortable you are. When purchasing office furniture you can consider executive modern recliners that look great, but also feel great. Recliner chairs by Lafer are well known for their form, design and relaxing comfort. You have many options to choose from when purchasing a recliner and not just any recliner will do.

Accessories You May Be Able to Get For Your Lafer Recliner

  • Laptop Table – This type of table tilts making it convenient for you to stay comfortable while reading or on your tablet or laptop.
  • Footrest Extension – This adds an extra 6 inches of support when you need it and will match your Lafer recliner.
  • LED Reading Lamp – This reading lamp is flexible and will provide a well lit area, whether you are reading, writing or on a laptop.

Shipping and Typical Lead Times

Shipping is usually global and quick and can be shipped a port in any major city. However, it is a good idea to check and see if the country you live in has any custom fees or levy taxes. Lead times can vary. An in stock product typically takes 2 or 3 days to ship out. A custom order can take up to 9 weeks.

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