How can you learn to live more like Christ?

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Books

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It can be very hard to live life as a Christian if you live with self doubt. Being a Christian should be easy when you live with faith in God and his intention for you. The best way to ensure you are living the best possible life is to learn to live more like Christ. Prophet Jordan can offer you insight on how you can live more like Christ by providing you with a personal prophecy. A personal prophecy gives you more clear direction on how to live more like Christ in your own personal life.

A Different Life for Each of Us
Many people do not realize that God has a different life intended for each of us. You want to be listening and watching for signs from God about how you can live more like Christ. We often miss the messages from God which can be so simple. It might be a teacher telling you how your kindness would make you an ideal person to follow a career working with the disabled. It might be a sudden realization you can play music wonderfully and you can join a church choir to help spread God’s word. However it can also be day to day occurrences such as someone needing assistance carrying groceries or assisting an elderly person to walk safely on an icy sidewalk. Always watching for God’s signs will help you see what God is asking of you without being concerned about what he wants for others.

Reading the Bible
The bible offers much insight into the life Christ led. You too can perform miracles by reaching out your hand everyday to help others. In a world with so many people focused on their own worries and needs, a helping hand is rare. When you do your best to help those in need you will find you are living a life closer to Christ. You can also focus on his most simple message “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” When you are able to embrace this simple concept you will find life is so much easier and you will fill the lives of those around you with joy. Joy is knowing in your heart you have God’s love and you have faith God is watching over you.