How to Choose the Right Safety Boot for Comfort and Protection

by | May 8, 2014 | Shopping

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There are different kinds of shoes suitable for different environment. The shoe requirement for a track driver will vary considerably with the requirement for an office executive or a warehouse attendant. But whichever profession or environment you are in, you need to have the appropriate work safety shoes which will be able to provide you with comfort and safety as well. It’s therefore necessary to know how to choose the right pair of shoes which you will feel safe and comfortable while you wear them as you about with your daily duties.

When selecting a new pair of shoes, the first consideration should be your normal working environment. If you normally stand or walk for most of the time, then you need a pair which will be well fitting and comfortable. But if you know that you do a lot of lifting of heavy objects then the appropriate work safety shoes would be boots fitted with steel toe as these are able to protect your toes in case a heavy object falls back on them. Also the pair of shoe you choose should have a deep heel seat so that your heels do not slip when you walk.

If you are going to buy a safety boot, then you should decide if you want one with a steel toe cap or one with a composite toe cap. Whereas both offer similar safety features, a composite toe cap will be more comfortable as compared to steel caps which are slightly narrower and can cause some discomfort to the toes. Secondly, composite caps are not affected by fluctuations in temperatures but the steel caps can cause condensation during certain weather conditions and make the foot of the wearer dump.

While purchasing a new pair of work safety shoes, ensure that you try it using a similar type of socks that you will be using with it. Very thick socks material can make the shoe to fit tightly while a thinner socks material can make the foot to slip around inside the shoe. If you fail to try the shoe with the appropriate type of socks, you might end up with an uncomfortable pair which can result into sores other injuries to your feet. Also, don’t forget to lace up the shoe as this will help you judge on its overall comfort. Remember to do this while you are standing up.

Even though there are a number of work safety shoes manufacturers, not all of them produce the same quality of shoes. Make it your habit to be buying your shoes from well known brands because their quality has been tested. Buying from any other brand can make you end up with an expensive pair which will not last you long enough. Finally, after you make your purchase, put on your shoes regularly as this will help in adjusting it to your feet and make it more comfortable.

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