Selecting Customized Gold Navel Rings as Gifts

by | May 12, 2014 | Jewelry

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Choosing a gift for a loved one or friend with a sense of style and flair doesn’t have to be difficult. Customized gold navel rings can serve as a perfect choice if discriminating taste is also a concern.

Why Go Custom?

Customized gold navel rings provide you the chance to create a piece of jewelry to give that’s just a little bit different. Rather than select straight from a store’s selection, you get to input specifications that put a spin on the design. The end result is a navel ring that’s unique and made just for the person in question.

How Does Customization Work?

When working with a dealer that specializes in custom gold naval rings, the process of creation is fairly simple. From a website form, the first thing to do is select the basic style. The best jewelers offer a variety here that might include straight shafts with bezel and beads, J shafts, double prongs and more.

Once the basic design is selected, the next choice to make is the metal that will be used to make the custom creation. Better jewelers offer white and yellow gold among their options. From there, it’s a simple selection of the stone type and the size of the naval ring.
In regard to stones, the options can be quite extensive. Topaz, rubies, garnet and amethyst might all be among the choices. Cubic zirconia is also a popular selection as is sapphire.

What to Expect

After the selection is made and the order is placed, the jeweler will get started creating the unique piece. When it’s ready to go, it will be shipped for gift-giving right away.

Customized jewelry is a unique way to approach gift giving. Since these creations are made on demand, the resulting piece is one-of-a-kind. While the specific style might be similar to others out there, the ability to select just the right stone distinguishes these pieces and makes them a pleasure to receive.

There’s simply no reason to settle for giving a gift that’s ordinary when custom jewelry is easy to have made and affordable to purchase. If the recipient happens to have a belly button piercing, a custom naval piece is a perfect fit.