How to Sell Jewellery to Jewellery Buyers Beverly Hills

by | Aug 7, 2012 | Jewelry

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The old and used jewellery market is huge with many jewellery buyers looking to get their hands on these pieces. Used and antique jewellery pieces have quite a number of uses. They may be revamped and sold again or melted down and transformed into new jewellery or other products of the same material. Dealers buy used and old jewellery pieces from individual sellers or from other smaller dealers. The prices vary depending on a number of factors.

As an individual looking to sell jewellery to jewellery buyers Beverly Hills, you need to protect yourself from unreasonable prices, robbery or being swindled. Jewellery pieces that jewellery buyers are interested in include precious metals and stones. Gemstones that are quite commonly dealt with include diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Precious metals include gold and silver along with their alloys and coated versions of the same. Considering how valuable these items are, robbery is quite a present danger, therefore you have to be very careful while selling to jewellery buyers. Sell to well based jewellery dealers. Meeting people in alley corners or remote locations to sell jewellery is a definite Don’t!

There are three basic components that sellers should bear in mind when looking for jewellery buyers Los Angeles. These are: knowing the type of jewellery that you have, finding a good appraiser and finding reasonable jewellery buyers Beverly Hills.

1. Knowing the type of jewellery that you have basically means knowing whether you are sitting on a gold mine or not. There are some valuable jewellery pieces as well as cheap imitations. Coated jewellery pieces may not be as valuable as pure metals and gem stones. Therefore carry out some research about how to identify what is real and what is not before you waste any time and resources trying to find jewellery buyers. Common indicators of quality jewellery are signage, purity and age. Antique jewellery pieces that have been passed on for more than 70 years can fetch a good price from jewellery buyers.

2. Jewellery appraisal refers to the examining and evaluation of jewellery pieces in order to put a price value on them. Not every jewellery buyers have the skills of jewellery appraisal and therefore you should not assume that they are able to place a good price on the jewellery pieces. Jewellery appraisers are skilled and professional individuals with the experience and credentials to prove so.

3. Once you know the quality and price of your jewellery pieces, you can now find jewellery buyers Beverly Hills who are willing to pay a good price. Stay away from back yard dealers. Only associate with reputable jewellery dealers and firms. If you want your jewellery to fetch better prices, you can have the pieces cleaned and polished before approaching a buyer.

Selling jewellery to Jewellery Buyers Beverly Hills  should be a hassle free process. As long as you know what to expect and what is expected of you, you can get great deals. To sell your jewellery, go to