Selling Gold for Cash

by | Aug 22, 2012 | Jewelry

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One of the first steps that you need to take when you decide to sell gold in Lincoln Park, Illinois is to find a reputable pawn shop that has been around for a while and specifically offers to buy gold. Some pawn shops do not specialize in gold and may offer lower prices than your item is really worth. But a gold buyer and seller will have the experience and expertise to give you a fair price for your gold items without merely trying to maximize profit for the business. Because gold is a specialty, they will have a reputation to uphold and will be more reliable than a general pawn shop.

A pawn shop that advertises as a gold buyer where you can sell gold in Lincoln Park, and actually buys and sells gold as a specialty, is the best bet for selling miscellaneous gold items that you may have in your possession, such as watches, rings, nuggets and jewelry. Usually they will offer the fair market value for gold because they are buying it from you as their own investment. Depending on what you bring to them, they may resell your item in the pawn shop, or they may melt it down for the gold value. Either way, if your item is not much in demand, you are likely to get the price for the gold value alone rather than for the whole item.

When you sell gold jewelry in Lincoln Park, the pawn shop you choose will probably want to check your gold for authenticity, and may have handling charges that you should be aware of which can be deducted from the amount they pay. This is something to keep in mind when you bring your items in and to ask about before you proceed to the sale. Professional gold buyers will evaluate your gold in terms of its purity, which is measured in carats.

When gold is valued in terms of 24 carats that is the highest level of purity it can attain. Anything less means that there are other metals mixed in with the gold, and the more mixture there is, the less your item will be valued and the less you will be paid for it. If possible, you might have your gold item professionally evaluated so you know how pure it is before you take it to a seller. Your gold jewelry will be evaluated not only in terms of the weight per carat, but also in terms of the demand for the specific brand of jewelry you are bringing to the table.

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