Making The Most Of Your Electronic Cigarette Batteries

by | Jan 21, 2016 | Shopping

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There is nothing worse than heading out of the house in the morning with what you assume to be a fully charged e-cigarette only to find out by lunch that you need a replacement battery.

While you can carry electronic cigarette batteries with you, or even have a charger stashed in every location you may need one, maintaining your batteries and caring for them is not a complicated task. This means you spend a bit of time proactively ensuring the batteries are charged and stored correctly, extending their life as long as possible.

Know the Vaping Time

Different types of batteries will have different vaping times before they need to be recharged. There is quite a range between the different battery sizes, and of course, the settings used on the e-cig will also have an impact on use time.

Ideally, keep a running total of about how long the battery lasts under typical use. For most batteries this will be between 400 and 1100 puffs, which you can easily translate into hours or days of use. Of course, you will be able to tell by the blinking light, but by this time the battery is already very low on power.

One important to consideration to keep in mind with electronic cigarette batteries is that the battery needs to be used constantly in order to stay as effective as possible. If you use the e-cigarette only very infrequently and if it is off for long periods of time you will actually see a decrease in battery life, not an increase.

Don’t Run Dry

If you know the approximate vaping time for your particular e-cigarette battery, take it out and put it on the charger before running it completely down and out of power. Unlike the old types of batteries in cell phones, running the new batteries down to nothing reduces their ability to perform and hold a charge.

By knowing the approximate time you have to enjoy the e-cig before that blinking light appears, you can change out the battery while it still has power and completely recharge it, helping to keep the longest possible life.

Get Rid of Liquid and Gunk

Wiping off the battery before charging is always important. This will remove any residue of e-liquid and dust that can build up through normal use in a variety of different environments.

Always store your batteries out of extreme heat or direct sunlight and avoid overcharging them to further ensure that your electronic cigarette batteries last for a long, long time.