Making Your Own E Juice Can Lead to Better Vaping

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Shopping

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Eventually, vaping enthusiasts grow tired of the same old e-juice flavor. Finding the right flavor by trying different brands can be expensive and frustrating.

Brands You Can Trust

E-juice is not regulated by any government. Vape users may find products from some manufacturers are inconsistent, and contain more nicotine than advertised.

One solution to this problem is to buy e-juice from companies that clearly explain what is in their juice. Transparent manufacturers list the percentages of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and nicotine in their juice.

The American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association promotes self-regulation among the industry. AEMSA membership is voluntary.

Of course, veteran vape consumers will know when an e-liquid labeled as 100 percent VG is off, if they are allergic to PG and symptoms appear. If an e-juice is supposed to be nicotine free, but produces a significant throat hit, the label may be incorrect.

For those investing in teeth whitening products, high nicotine levels will become obvious.

Save Money and Time

Making your own e-liquid is easy. There are plenty of websites with recipes for every flavor imaginable. Several websites offer instructions on how to make e-juice, but the general idea is to mix VG, PG, nicotine and flavoring in the desired percentages.

Handling pure liquid nicotine can be dangerous, says AJ of Best Clearomizer. Do not get it on the skin. To save time and avoid injury, making your own e juice using Mount Baker Vapor unflavored e-juice, as a base, is a practical option.

Customers can specify the amount of nicotine in the juice and the ratio of PG to VG. The only remaining step to complete a custom e-juice is to add flavoring.

Custom Coils

Another way to save money and control the flavor of a vape is to build coils instead of buying pre-made versions. With a rebuildable atomizer, vape enthusiasts just need a screwdriver, pliers and some Kanthal wire to build a deck. Zophie Vapes has a tutorial on YouTube explaining the process.

Those wishing to delve into the world of braided coils will need a drill, a hammer and a vice, in addition to the usual supplies. Before jumping off this cliff, consider the return on investment. Who is going to see the braided coil? How much will the vape flavor improve? Users may conclude twisting two strands of Kanthal by using two pairs of pliers will have the desired effect and take less time.

Mount Baker Vapor nicotine juices are made in the USA, and customers can choose the VG-to-PG ration and nicotine level. For more information about e-juice and other vaping products, visit the website.