Smoke Wisely with Filtered Little Cigars

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Tobacco

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Cigars are not made to look and act like cigarettes. They are instead made for heavy smokers and used on rare occasions. Filtered cigars and cigarettes are the manufacturers’ answer to improving the health of smoking. To improve your smoking experiences, find out why you need filtered cigars.

Filtered vs. Unfiltered

In the U.S. during the 1950s, and in many parts of the world, many people smoked in social settings. During the ‘50s, the heaviest smokers existed, with many smoking a pack a day. The cigarettes did not have filters and no one thought anything of it. People knew very little about the dangers of cigarettes and trying to improve the mortality rates.

Filtered little cigars are designed to reduce the amounts of tar, nicotine, and other toxins that smokers inhale. All of the smoke and chemicals go straight into the mouth and to the lungs. A filter has small holes that let the air in and let the smoke out. The total amount of smoke that you inhale is reduced significantly.

People who want to quit smoking are encouraged to buy filters. Those who want to inhale less smoke are encouraged to use them.

Chemical Addictions

Without cigar filters, people are more likely to become addicted to nicotine. The main reason why anyone smokes is because of a chemical addiction. Removing the chemical dependency in the body is necessary to improve health and get rid of cravings altogether.

Nicotine is the natural chemical found within tobacco. Cigars are full of many chemicals, but nicotine is the one that is the most addictive. After a few smokes, the nicotine seeps into the smoker’s system and causes relaxation effects. Tobacco is the most sought-after ingredient for anyone interested in smoking.


Countless products, such as nicotine gum and patches, are available for people who want to quit smoking. Getting rid of the cigar or cigarette completely is not guaranteed to work at all. Nicotine is a drug, so you will go into withdrawals that get worse if you show signs of stress.

With any drug, you want to allow in small amounts. Filtered cigars give you the opportunity to inhale less smoke as you cover the rest of the room with smoke. At the same time, take in the smoke with the tastes and sophistication that got you in interested in the first place.

In the ‘50s, people started realizing the effects of smoking. Cigars without filters are not designed with any concern for health in mind. Cigars with filters are made to be safer and less harmful to the health. Any time is a good time to start using filtered little cigars and seeing the world through them.