Organic Iced Teas are Better than Packed Versions

by | Jun 27, 2012 | Food

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While it comes to organic iced teas, many people don’t get the difference between organic iced teas and other iced teas. Organic iced teas are prepared from naturally grown tea leaves. No fertilisers or boosting chemicals are used to develop these tea leaves, as a result you get the perfect taste, quality and benefit that other chemical boosted teas may not give. On the other hand, many companies are producing packed iced teas to cater to the public demand. These machine-bred iced tea mixes hardly consist of original tea leaves or their qualities. They are only made up of artificial, flavours, sugar and preservatives which may be tasty but no less harmful than the soft drinks.

People often prefer organic iced teas over the packed one because they are rich in natural element without any chemical adulteration. They give out perfect flavour and natural elements to develop health which is more essential than mere quenching of thirst. Organic iced teas are far better than packed one and other chemical drinks. Organic iced teas are filled with following qualities that attract the health conscious peoples to its refuge.

Rich source of Polyphenol

Researches proved that organic iced teas are rich source of polyphenol, which is a major antioxidant. This polyphenol helps in the growth of immune system and fights with free radicals and other harmful toxins in human body. This antioxidant is only found in the organically bead teas and not in the packaged or artificially grown one. Regular consumption of organic iced teas helps in boosting of immunity system in our body and protects us from unwanted diseases.

Good for Dental health

Organic iced teas not only helps in developing immunity system in body, but also its antibacterial property helps in fighting bacterial problems in mouth. Your teeth often suffer from bacteria, cavities, and other gum problems, researchers say that regular consumption of organic iced tea eradicates all these problems. Organic tea consists of different healing and soothing chemical which can fight dental problems along with bleeding gums, sores and cavities.

Reduces caffeine in the body

Caffeine is one of the most harmful elements to which people often seen addicted to. Organic iced tea consists of strong natural antioxidants which can remove all harmful affects of chemical like caffeine and nicotine from human body. Those who want to get rid of their smoking or alcohol habit is suggested to take organic iced teas in regular basis. It rejuvenates broken cells by removing harmful effect and also lessens the change of diseases like cancer etc.

Helps in weight loss

With it all its remarkable benefits, organic iced tea are also marvellous in its effect on unwanted fat. Weight loss is one of the major concerns of people of all ages. Organic iced tea is very helpful in cutting down unwanted body fats. This process is best for those who are unable to go for work out for various reasons. It is especially beneficial for the mother who gained weight after child birth. Organic iced teas help them to remove fat smoothly without chemical or workout.

Organic Iced Teas

Organic Iced Teas