Rainbows: What Are They?

by | Nov 14, 2014 | Shopping

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Plastic rainbow glasses actually have a lot in common with real rainbows that happen after the rain. For example, diffraction glasses bend light as it enters your lens, creating a spectrum of colors. A real rainbow is created in kind of the same way, just with rain droplets in the air and sunlight. Reflection and refraction are what make them appear, and what creates the colors we see. On the website ‘Science for Kids’ they give us a bunch of shocking facts about rainbows. Read on to see some of them yourself.

What Rainbows Are

Many folks don’t know that rainbows in real life are not seen the same by two different individuals. That is another similarity with the real ones and plastic rainbow glasses, because when you don the shades each person will get a different light show depending on the direction they look in while wearing them. You’ll also be shocked to find out that rainbows are actually full circles. You may be saying ‘yeah right’, but it’s true. Being that most of the time we are on the ground (where there are less raindrops) when we see one, we only can view half of it. Some of us even thought as kids that there was a pot of gold at the end of one, and as adults with lots of bills some of us still hope that it’s true.

We Wanted to See One

If you are into spectacular rays of light, then a nice set of plastic rainbow glasses may spark your interest. Rainbows are probably the most amazing natural occurrences of blended light. If you want to see one for yourselves as a full circle, you have probably after reading this article got to thinking ‘Who would be up high enough to see a rainbow as a full circle?’ Surely there has to be images of one somewhere right?

Sure enough, a man named Colin Leonhardt was credited for a photo of a full circle rainbow that was actually a double rainbow with a faint extra band around it. It was caught over Australia near Cottesloe Beach. One lucky helicopter pilot that was flying between a rain storm and the setting sun looked down and saw a full 360 degree circle that was a complete rainbow. The NASA website gave it Astronomy Picture of the Day. What a beautiful display!

Get Yourself Some Plastic Rainbow Glasses

After all of this research on rainbows, wouldn’t it be great to see one with your new Plastic Rainbow Glasses on? There are literally dozens of different styles and colors to choose from, and you will wish that you got more than one pair when your friends begin asking about yours.