What Type of Pipe Tobacco Should I Smoke?

by | Nov 14, 2014 | Tobacco

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There are a variety of flavors, aromas, and strengths of pipe tobacco on the market. If you are new to pipe smoking, it’s a good idea to research the types of tobacco available. Aromatic blends and distinct tastes will allow you to ultimately choose a few favorites. Take a look at your options below before buying your tobacco.

Common Types of Pipe Tobacco

Aromatic-Fire Cured

Grown in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia, curing of this aromatic tobacco happens over a gentle fire. It is a rich and robust blend, with a floral taste. Latakia is a type of fire-cured tobacco that has a very pronounced flavor and smoky aroma. The signature feature of fire-cured tobacco is its body and aroma. Dark Fired Kentucky shares an earthy, yet smokey note because of the curing process.

Brightleaf or Virginia Tobacco

Known to be a lighter and milder aroma, Brightleaf or Virginia tobacco originated from the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland. The tobacco got its name from the curing process, which turned the leaves gold. The beauty of Brightleaf pipe tobacco is the ability to grow it on poorer, infertile soil. Due to this fact, Brightleaf tobacco development spread to North Carolina and Virginia.


White Burley tobacco was first grown in 1864 in Ohio. It is a light air-cured tobacco often used in cigarettes. There is no sugar in this blend, making it full and rich with a nutty flavor. The production of White Burley now spans several states including Brazil, Argentina, and Malawi.


The name Cavendish does not refer to the type of tobacco, but instead refers to the process of cutting and curing. This process brings out a natural sweet taste to this tobacco. The leaves go through a pressing step and this is when flavoring is added. Cavendish comes in different flavors including: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and so much more.


Corojo is a tobacco primarily used to make cigar wrappers. It was grown on Cuban land but now development occurs in Honduras and the U.S. state of Kentucky. This tobacco highlights a robust, yet peppery flavor.


If you’re looking for some spice, then Perique is just right. This dark, acidic, and oily pipe tobacco is grown in Louisiana and is known for its extremely bold flavor. It holds a flavor consistent with a fig and pepper taste.  You’ll want to definitely blend this tobacco to cut down on its powerful punch.