Stay Warm And Dry in Women’s Fleece Sweatshirts

by | Sep 25, 2015 | Shopping

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Fleece was originally used to describe the material derived from a sheep. It is warm, soft, comfortable, and keeps the wearer dry. Since 1979, however, when people say something like a women’s sweatshirt is made out of fleece, they usually are talking about a synthetic material called polar fleece. Manufactured out of a material called polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, it was invented to have all the desirable qualities of natural woolen fleece, but to be superior to it in some aspects. Synthetic polar fleece has been manufactured cheaply ever since and is used for many things, especially outdoor clothing such as women’s fleece sweatshirts.

What Are The Advantages Of Owning Women’s Fleece Sweatshirts?

-They Are Environmentally Friendly and Vegan – The materials used to produce women’s fleece sweatshirts are often made partially from recycled plastic bottles, making them environmentally friendly because they take what people have thrown away and create useful, lasting things out of them. Women’s fleece sweatshirts also contain nothing that is derived from animals, making them vegan and an excellent choice for anyone who is conscious about animal cruelty and other issues.

-They Are Non-Flammable – The materials used in women’s fleece sweatshirts make it impossible for them to catch on fire and be burned up. They can still be damaged by exposure to high heat, so it is best to keep them from getting too close to a source of direct heat such as a stove or campfire.

-They Are Warm, Yet Light – This makes them perfect for wearing during the early spring, late fall, and any other time when the weather is somewhat cold but not cold enough to need something heavy. This also makes them great as an extra layer when you are bundling up to go do heavy activity in the snow.

-They Are Wonderfully Insulating – Even if you happen to get caught in the rain or snow while wearing a women’s fleece sweatshirt, it will still retain its insulating power and keep you warm and dry. It also dries off quickly, so you do not have to worry about moisture pooling on the surface.

-Their Advantages Over Wool – Some people have an allergic reaction to wool. Polar fleece like the kind used in women’s fleece sweatshirts have all the advantages of wool without the substances that cause the allergic reaction. It is also much lighter than wool, and not flammable.