The Basics of Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings

by | Oct 15, 2013 | Jewelry

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If you are in the market for wedding rings, you may want to consider the unique charm and appeal of tungsten carbide bands. Tungsten carbide wedding rings are set apart from other, more common jewelry items because of their rare strength, sleek aesthetics, and lasting style. Choosing them can be a perfect way to make a statement about the distinct, enduring love you and your future spouse will share.

Tungsten has been used for various purposes throughout history. Originally isolated from tungstic acid by using charcoal, the element has been used in many critical scientific advances. Tungsten was chosen to be the filament within incandescent light bulbs, and was also a desired material for weaponry during the Second World War because of its unmatched hardness. Tungsten carbide was acquired in Europe during the 1920s for precise and exacted steel cutting and milling operations. Today, tungsten carbide is often used for machinery, military and aerospace projects.

Tungsten carbide is utilized for jewelry because of its practical ability to withstand most scratches, aside from those that are caused by a sharp diamond or sapphire surface. After being initially polished to achieve a clear, reflective shine, tungsten carbide wedding rings will not need re-polishing. Merely wiping the rings with any clean fabric should restore their luster.

When it comes to tungsten carbide wedding rings, there are a couple of common misconceptions that can sometimes deter potential buyers, and are in need of correcting. Firstly, though many people assume that tungsten carbide rings are only appealing for men to wear, there are concrete reasons for women to consider them, as well. These rings are smooth, enduring, and unquestionably unique, which can allow a woman to make a striking statement with her wedding ring for years to come.

Secondly, some people fear that wearing a tungsten ring in the event of a car crash or accident will require finger amputation to get the ring off of a swollen hand. However, the indestructability of these rings can actually be safer than other ring materials in many cases. Bands such as gold or silver can become dented, which makes them difficult to remove, but tungsten carbide rings are guaranteed to maintain their structure. If a tungsten ring does need to be removed, hospitals are equipped with safe methods to achieve this process using compression and vice grips.

See for yourself why tungsten carbide wedding rings appeal to the masses! Tungsten carbide wedding rings are unlike all other jewelry pieces on the market. Their original beauty on the day they are purchased will last for a lifetime, which makes them perfect symbols for your marriage. Visit website of Distinctly Johan where you will find wide variety of choices.