When You Wish Upon a Star Make It a Solar Star

by | Oct 11, 2013 | Shopping

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The next time you wish upon a star, make it a solar star. A solar star is an LED lighted star you can use to light up the night during the holidays, or any other time of year you need indoor or outdoor lighting. Solar flakes or snowflakes are beautiful; in white and blue, lending an ambience to the night sky that you will find yourself craving year round. Most popular around the holidays and winter, many homeowners find snowflakes look beautiful when placed near pine trees, rain gutters or roof eaves.

Decorating Your Home and Garden

Complement your home with garden decorations throughout the year to make it look its best. Many people find outdoor lighting beneficial year round. Other home garden accessories can perk up your garden and provide lighting during the evening throughout the year. Perfect examples include the firefly, a solar garden stake that provides lighting for walkways and patios at night. Use lighted stakes in flower pots as well or other places that you need lighting during the evening. These decorative items will make you the envy of friends and family. These solar powered stakes charge up during the day while the sun is bright, and fire up with an intense glow naturally during the evening. No need to turn them on. As the sun sets, they start working automatically. There is little to no maintenance. As an added benefit, these items, like starbursts, are all-weather, meaning you don’t have to worry about rain, hail, snow and other inclement weather. Worry more about your flowers, herbs and other important and frail plants!

All-Weather Plants

Gardening is a lifelong habit anyone can get into. Some plants are hardier than others. While enjoying “light-scaping” you can look into some plants that are hardier than others. Pine is an excellent plan to invest in year round. Other varietals you might consider include the snow fairy and fern. The green mountain boxwood is another shrub that maintains throughout the winter. Put this in your garden among your lights, and watch as it survives in even the toughest winter. This one will even survive in harsh winds and rains. A hardy plant, it may even sprout flowers to go along with your LED lighting.