Things You May or May Not Know About Baby Formula

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Food

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For mothers, fathers, and caregivers, quality is the number one on the list of important things when it comes to selection of a baby’s formula. In today’s society, it is a myth that brand name formulas are better than store brand products. Some parents feel bad when researching cheap baby formula, but no one should be embarrassed when it comes to saving money. Store brand products offer pricing that is up to 50% lower than the well known national brands. Additionally, they have met or exceeded FDA nutritional and quality control standards just like their national brand competitors have.

Manufacturers Have Standards to Meet

Because of federal regulations, there is not one formula company that stands out over another one. This is why you will not find generic baby formulas when you are searching for a baby formula at cheap prices. All manufacturers have to follow the same across the board industry laws and standards. So when looking to saving money, it really means you are able to view the nutritional values of the product you have selected to ensure it will be the right one for your baby.

Millions of parents across the U.S.A. have purchased store brand products for their children. These formulas are manufactured in the United States, and many come from leading pharmaceutical companies that are the largest suppliers of store brands within the market of global infant formulas today. These store brand formulas do not spend their money on advertising or fancy gimmicks which allows costs to remain low, and the savings are passed directly to the consumer. When you consider that the average infant goes through one container of formula per week, the savings could easily measure into the hundreds of dollars per year. This creates disposable income that can be applied to other things such as daycare or diapers.

Parents Still Get the Best for Their Babies

Studies have shown that parents who make the switch from a national product brand to a store brand have done so without a problem. As you run out of the national brand, it is easy to make the switch over to a store brand of formula. These products are designed to be easily digestible. It is also a myth that store brand containers contain BPA (bisphenol A) which known as a probable endocrine disruptor. New plastic packaging is free of BPA, and they are very convenient and easy to use.

When it comes to choosing formula for your baby, do not skimp on quality or pay more than you have to. Choose a reputable store brand of formula to give your baby everything he or she needs and save a little money while doing it.

Most of the Parent’s Choice brands do not contain any sucrose or also called table sugar. Parent’s Choice Soy and Sensitivity infant formulas are exceptions because they cannot digest lactose. Parents who are looking for cheap baby formula should consider Parent’s Choice. The savings over national brands will make any pocketbook happy.