Tips on Organizing Your Grocery Shopping List

by | Jun 17, 2013 | Food

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Archives 2013-6-17 16 41 18If your objective is to live and eat better it is going to be important that you start with a nutritious and well balanced diet. If you’re new to eating right, it is a good idea to consider using online tools that can help you in developing a Grocery Shopping List that is healthy. Eliminating the junk food from your home and really training yourself to think healthy is the first step in healthy lifestyles. This article will touch base on how to set up your list for effective shopping.

Organizing your Healthy Grocery Shopping List

Breaking your list down into sections makes it much easier to comprehend and less likely for you to forget items. Consider using this format below:

  1. Whole grains – this would include pasta, breads, and other foods that are grain based. This means getting only whole wheat flour and grain cereal products for the best nutrients.
  2. Fruits and Veggies – You should seek to purchase only fresh fruits and vegetables. With that being said you will only be able to purchase it for a few days so that it does not go bad. Fresh is always better than frozen or canned products.
  3. Dairy – The milk, cheese, and dairy products that you put on your Grocery Shopping List should be reduced fat, skim, or soy based. You don’t need large amounts of dairy but you want to make sure that what you do intake is a healthy portion.
  4. Meats & Poultry – Lean meats is what you’re after. It is important that all meats you choose are lean cuts so that they are healthier. Avoid things such as T-bone steaks and strip steaks and instead go with round steaks. Instead of lots of red meats you want to substitute them with turkey or chicken.

By separating your shopping list using these four categories you are focusing only on healthy choices for your family and therefore avoid the temptation of simply purchasing bad foods. At the end of your list you can add a category for things such as paper products, cleaning supplies, and pet supplies if necessary.

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