Try Something New With Your Next Electronic Cigarette Refill Order

by | Apr 6, 2015 | Furniture

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We love to provide our customers with new options in flavors and combinations of classics with our electronic cigarette refill choices. To do this our staff works hard at experimenting and trying new juices, either of our own making or those from other top companies, and we feel we have some of the best choices around.

The Steeping Process with our Electronic Cigarette Refill Options

If you are looking for something new, different or special with your next electronic cigarette refill order we have a few options that we think you will really enjoy. By allowing some of these to steep you will be able to experience a range of different flavors with just one e-juice. This is a great way to taste all the different flavor notes in each liquid, especially some of the more complex ones that may take time to fully develop.

Ideas When You Buy Your Online Electronic Cigarette Refill Liquid

While we do offer a lot of great flavors from other companies that sell e-juice, we think when you buy online electronic cigarette refill options you should try some of our own.

One of our very own options that we are very proud of is our Arctic Heat electronic cigarette refill juice. This is a combination of mint and cinnamon that starts out with the heat of the cinnamon and then finishes with a nice, cooling blast of menthol. Great as an all-day vape or for an after dinner flavor it is sure to be one of your favorites.

If you prefer sweet and tart over hot and cold we would highly recommend you try our Happy Rancher e-juice. You will have a range of wonderful candy flavors with just a touch of that sour berry flavor that everyone seems to love.

At Mt. Baker Vapor we are constantly adding new flavors to our selection of e-juices. We have a range of different options or, if you prefer, try our MBV sample pack that allows you to try some of most popular signature blends for a very reasonable price.