What to Look for in a Jewelry Store in Suffolk

by | Apr 18, 2015 | Furniture

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When one is looking for a jewelry store in Suffolk, the options are seemingly endless. From boutique stores to specialty jewelers and beyond, knowing where to go for the perfect piece that speaks to you may seem impossible. We at Marinelli Jewelers like to think that we have a bit of everything to offer our customers, from cute Pandora bracelets to exquisite gold and diamond pieces. Regardless of your tastes or budget, if you’re looking for a jewelry store, this is what you need to look out for:

Personal Attention

Nothing is worse than entering a store and being force fed pieces you don’t want or need. When you say white gold, you shouldn’t be shown an array of yellow gold pieces. When you say “gemstone,” you shouldn’t be offered a load of gold rings and bracelets.

Everyone comes from all different walks of life, and as such have different tastes and preferences. The jewelers at Marinelli Jewelers respects this fact and will only show you pieces which our experienced staff know will enthrall and delight you – while staying in your price range. This is key when it comes to choosing the best piece for yourself or your loved one.


The next important aspect to consider is the store’s reputation. To those who are unfamiliar with local jewelers, they may be completely unaware of how one particular store or chain is cheating their buyers through warranties and guarantees. Do your due diligence and research the jeweler just as closely as you would research a car dealership. Ask them:

*  How many years of you been in business?

*  Do you specialize in a certain type of jewelry?

*  What is your refund policy?

*  Do you offer additional services (i.e. cleaning, fixing, grading, etc.)?

Why did you enter the jewel and gem industry?


We at Marinelli Jewelers do not just sell jewelry. We teach individuals how to look for the best pieces in Suffolk and beyond. You know that you’ve found a great jeweler when they are willing to take the time to educate you on what to look for in a piece, how to value it, and whether the pieces they have available are up to your standards. For example, a jeweler that will sample the difference in gemstones is a great choice. One who will take the time to explain the “4Cs” when grading diamonds is perhaps even more valuable.

The bottom line: The jewelry store that is willing if not eager to take the time to educate you without trying to sell you something is a dedicated jeweler who loves the craft and isn’t in the business just to take your cash.