What Are the Safety Tips for Airsoft Machine Guns

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Shopping

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Airsoft guns are toy guns that fire round pellets of plastic or other such material. Technically, the firing mechanism uses either hydraulics, an electrical, spring driven piston, compressed air, or a combination.

Just as guns used in real life, airsoft machine guns need magazines filled with ammunition, but with airsoft they consist of plastic pellets to fire at your perceived opponent. As with real guns, optical sights can be mounted on your airsoft gun or rifle to enable you to visually locate or pinpoint your enemy. A telescopic sight can achieve this for long range and a red-dot version is also available.

Safety Tips

As with any firearm, real, airsoft of BB gun, common sense is necessary when handling. First of all, keep these away from children as serious injury can occur. When you are around any firearm such as airsoft machine guns, never, ever, look down the barrel of a gun. Serious eye injuries can occur if the gun malfunctions and a pellet fires into your face. Never hold the gun close to a person or animal and pull the trigger as severe injury may result. Wear a mask or a fully sealed goggles when performing maintenance on your gun. Wearing a protective mask when playing ensures your eyes are safe during play.

Assume Your Gun is Loaded

Always assume your gun is loaded and point the barrel downwards when not playing your game. Another precaution is to keep your finger off the trigger and turn your safety on until you are ready to shoot at your opponent.

Charging a gun battery unattended for long times can be a potential fire hazard. Keep your gun and battery separated when storing your gun and away from direct heat, including sunlight as the battery may heat up and burst.

Finally, if you are under the influence of drugs, medications or alcohol – avoid using your airsoft gun.

Your Supplier

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