Which Bible prophecies have yet to be fulfilled?

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Shopping

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According to scripture, there are are several things which must take place before Christ’s return. This leaves the general populace to assume that Christ’s second coming has not yet transpired. If this is so, then what exactly should we be looking out for? Which Bible prophecies have yet to be fulfilled? These are the questions that many people are wondering as you progress through the 21st century. Exploring the answers to these questions can yield great insight for seekers of truth.

The sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the day of the Lord comes” (Acts 2:20)

This is one bible prophecy fulfilled that people are unaware of whether or not this has transpired. The sun turning to darkness is similar to an eclipse while the moon to blood can represent the blood moons which occur infrequently. Some could argue that these are cyclical occurrences which could take place regardless of whether the Lord has returned or not. It is important to understand that this terminology is primarily being used as a metaphor in the scriptures. This means it is not to be taken literally as many people have done.

Prophesying the end of the world

When The Book of Revelations is translated, people understand it to say that the end of the world is coming. However it is a faulted translation that actually speaks of the end of an age. This is a huge misinterpretation that has caused a great deal of misunderstandings over the years. If people were more clear about exactly what a Bible prophecy fulfilled really means, there would be less confusion and fear surrounding these portentous words.

By taking the time to explore alternative explanations and translations, it is possible to broaden one’s view and have more peace of mind regarding what the Bible is actually promising,

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