Potty Training

by | May 21, 2019 | Shopping

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Potty Training

When you have a new puppy, it is essential to look for the highest quality puppy toilet training pads. While you will want your puppy to learn how to wait until it is time to go outside to urinate, a little puppy will make mistakes. Without any protection on your home’s floors and carpets, you will have nasty messes to remove. If your pet makes a mess on the carpets and floors frequently, then your home will develop a foul and offensive odor. In addition, the urine will stain a carpet’s fibers along with ruining the wooden or laminated floor tiles.

Specific Techniques

There are specific techniques for using puppy toilet training pads effectively, and it does require a lot of work to train your new pet to go outside instead of inside your home. You must wait until your puppy is a few weeks old to begin the training process by placing your pet on the potty pad whenever the animal begins to urinate. Initially, you will need numerous potty pads to protect the surfaces in your home, and you must make sure to reward your pet when it goes on the pad rather than on the floor or carpet.

Gradual Training

As your puppy masters the idea of only using a potty pad for urinating or defecating, you can begin the next step in the training process. You can place a trail of puppy toilet training pads from the animal’s bed to the doorway of your home. As the days progress, you will remove a potty pad from the trail occasionally until there is only one left by the door. Next, you will place the potty pads outside the door and in a backyard so that your puppy will take care of its bathroom needs outside. For more information please visit PetsWorld Online Pet Supply